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“Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution.”

Theodosius Dobzhansky


Scientism: A Secular Religion or Slander used to Spur Division

Disclaimer: This an opinion piece based on current philosophy of science literature and is not a compressive discussion. When I utter the word scientism, most people ask, “Do you know Tom Cruise?” or “Do you think you have telekinesis?”. However, scientism is not scientology. It would honestly be simpler to just equate the two as …

The Mangrove Rivulus: A Vertebrate Anomaly

Disclaimer: This is a entertainment post with scientific citations for those interested. This post is in no way a complete review of scientific knowledge on the subject. The post is meant to inform and entertain. When people typically think of extreme fish, visually spectacular or odd species come to mind such as the oceanic sunfish …

Foundation Species Shift: The Hidden Dangers and Effects of Mangrove Expansion

Disclaimer: The following essay is a piece I wrote during graduate school. Therefore, there may jargon difficult for the average reader. With preserving the natural state of ecosystems being a priority for conservationists, researchers have attempted to determine which species are critical to their community to focus efforts on species with the most significant impact. …